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we are driven by a passion for cocoa. From sourcing the finest beans to meticulous craftsmanship, we create exceptional cocoa products.  indulge in pure chocolate bliss, and experience the magic of Javaudan.

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We are committed to sourcing cocoa from ethically and sustainably managed farms, ensuring that our customers enjoy products

Cocoa Excellence

Explore the distinct flavours of cocoa from different regions, as we offer a range of single-origin chocolates .

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Delight in our handcrafted chocolates made with the finest cocoa beans, carefully selected and skillfully crafted into exquisite treats.

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Experience the delightful benefits of our cocoa products,

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Cater to your every cocoa need, providing personalised solutions,

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Experience our unwavering commitment to quality, where attention to detail,

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Cocoa Daily Prices

Cocoa undergoes harvesting, fermentation, drying, and roasting to create cocoa beans. These beans are then processed into cocoa mass, which is used to make delightful cocoa products like chocolate and cocoa powder.

We provide the latest cocoa daily price list as published by the International Cocoa Organization (ICCO). You can find the official price updates on the ICCO website at icco.org.

Our Footprint

Cocoa undergoes harvesting, fermentation, drying, and roasting to create cocoa beans. These beans are then processed into cocoa mass, which is used to make delightful cocoa products like chocolate and cocoa powder.

Our Products

Through our master culinary partners, we are developing baking recipes with cocoa powder and content to inspire and educate other professionals to get the best from our cocoa ingredients.

Cocoa Journey

we are dedicated to developing and implementing solutions to the challenges of sustainability in cocoa farming.

The cocoa commitment program builds on established standards such as Rainforest Alliance and Fairtrade, and supplements these with further measures such as the Good Agricultural Practice (GAP) certification system, training programs in sustainable agroforestry, the reforesting of farming areas, and the protection of virgin forests. This is accompanied by improving the income and living situations of families, especially women, and the prevention of exploitative child labor.


1. Harvesting & Fermentation

The first step in cocoa processing is harvesting the cacao fruit, which contains the cocoa beans. The beans are then extracted and left to ferment in baskets or boxes for several days. During fermentation, the beans undergo a series of chemical reactions that affect their flavor, aroma, and texture. 

2. Drying & Sorting

After fermentation, the cocoa beans are spread out to dry in the sun or in drying facilities. The drying process reduces the moisture content of the beans and stabilizes their flavor and aroma. The beans are then sorted by size, quality, and origin.

3. Roasting

Roasting is a crucial step in cocoa processing, as it brings out the complex flavors and aroma compounds in the beans. The beans are roasted at high temperatures, and the length and intensity of the roast depend on the desired flavor profile.

4. Roasting and Liquor production

The beans are cracked and winnowed, separating the cocoa nibs from the shells. The nibs are then ground into a paste, or cocoa mass (liquor), which contains cocoa solids and cocoa butter.

5. Pressing

The cocoa mass can be processed in different ways to produce different types of cocoa products. For example, pressing the cocoa mass separates the cocoa solids from the cocoa butter, resulting in cocoa powder and cocoa butter.

6. Alkalizing

Alkalizing, or Dutching, is another process that involves treating the cocoa with an alkaline solution, such as potassium carbonate or sodium hydroxide, to reduce its acidity and enhance its color, flavor, and texture. 

7. Pulverizing

The cocoa solids are ground into a fine powder. This step is essential to achieve the smooth texture of cocoa powder. The fineness of the grind is adjusted to produce the desired type of cocoa powder, whether it's natural or Dutch-processed.

8. Quality Control

Our complete production process is coupled with regular, qualified laboratory tests and sensory controls. Appropriately trained and qualified specialists as well as certified standards guarantee our customers the implementation of their high requirements. 

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